Beginners Yoga Courses

We offer several different beginners yoga courses, giving you the opportunity to try out a few different styles and learn the foundations of this practice.

A beginners course will introduce you to breath-work which just in itself has a multitude of physical and emotional benefits, a variety of beginner level postures and information about the traditions and background of yoga. You’ll also learn how to RELAX.

Is it for me?  YES, if…

– you are a complete beginner to yoga
– you are returning to yoga after a long break / injury etc
– you practise at home/’online’ and would like the guidance of an experienced teacher. It’s always good to check that you are practising safely!
– you are a seasoned practitioner and simply looking to check in and get ‘back to basics’ or are interested in learning a different ‘style’ of yoga

What do I need to bring?

– We advise bringing a water bottle, we have filtered water for top-ups
– A small towel if you are planning to start a more dynamic style e.g Astanga
– Yourself and an open mind!
– We provide all the mats and other yoga equipment you might need, just wear loose comfortable clothing

What is the difference in styles?

astanga yoga

a dynamic style of yoga which follows a flowing series of postures always practised in the same order, so it's easy to learn and practise at home. You start with sun salutations and then add on more postures, you can continue learning more and more postures as you progress

iyengar® yoga

characterised by precision and alignment in the execution of the postures (asanas), sequencing of the postures towards a desired result (classes are often themes, timing in the length of time the asanas are held for maximum benefit, and the use of props if required to help a student gain the maximum benefit from each asana

yoga for men

taught by an Iyengar Yoga teacher

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