Yoga is a sanskrit term which means ‘union’. It is an ancient practice designed to unite the body, mind, breath and spirit.

A regular yoga ‘asana’ practice helps create strength, space and flexibility in the body. However, yoga is not about being super flexible or pushing the body to the end result, hence why we call it a ‘practice’. It is much more about accepting the journey and bringing calm to the mind, grounding, and finding a sense of peace and well-being.

As one of the oldest yoga studios in Brighton, we are proud to offer many different styles of yoga to suit all ages, body types and levels of experience including beginner. Our teachers are carefully selected, highly trained and hugely experienced. Our reception staff can help you decide which class is best for you so please ask if you have any questions. Below are the types of yoga we offer.


We recommend a beginners course for anyone brand new to yoga if you can commit to a block of 5-6 weeks. In our courses, you will join a small group and have plenty of one to one support from the teacher.

as(h)tanga & mysore

One of the most dynamic styles of yoga. Classes follow a fixed sequence of postures. Astanga yoga is a traditional practice that aligns movement with breath, creating a flow from one asana (posture) to another.


A calming, gentle and supportive form of yoga - a great place to start out. The content of each class differs from week to week and each teacher has their own approach, so there is plenty of variety. Classes may include breath work and meditation.

flow / vinyasa

A fluid style of yoga harmonising breath and movement in a flow from one posture to the next to give strength, grace and freedom. You'll practise a variety of postures in classes. We offer slow flow, hatha flow and vinyasa classes.


A system of yoga with a philosphical base. In class, time is taken to explain and demonstrate the yoga postures. Students are given individual attention and verbal or physical cues or adjustments.


Our most accessible and gentle classes. Restorative classes can help facilitate recovery from illness and injury. They are also perfect for beginners and anyone looking for stress-relief and deep body connection


Yin Yoga postures are mainly floor-based. They target the deeper connective tissues of the body. Each posture is held for an extended time with mindful awareness. Unravel deep seated tension in the body and mind, whilst helping to maintain mobility in your joints.

yoga for men

We offer courses designed for complete beginners to yoga, designed around gently releasing tight muscles and as a complement to other fitness training. No need to be flexible before you start.

pregnancy, mum & baby.

Yoga can help transform your experience during pregnancy, labour and after the birth of your baby. Babies and young children can also benefit greatly from the experience of yoga through their parents.

yoga for over 50s

Very few people retain their strength and vitality in later years. However, yoga can help to rejuvenate the body and revitalise the mind

community yoga

We offer a selection of low-cost accessible classes, open to all, any profits from these classes go into supporting our bnhc community programme.

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