Pilates balances strength and flexibility through precise, controlled movements.

Originally named ‘contrology’, the Pilates method was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. There is a real emphasis on increasing core strength, alignment and balance through both sides of the body. With focus on breath-work and repetition, Pilates will bring a sense of mental calm while better understanding your body.

We offer Pilates classes for all levels including total beginners and we welcome those with back pain. Our highly experienced teachers will offer a range of modifications in the class to suit different levels of ability and different bodies. As always, please speak to our teachers about any injuries or concerns you have. All of our Pilates teachers have at least five years teaching experience in Brighton and beyond and are very highly trained. 

Join us for our next Pilates class.

The thing I love most about BNHC is… Pilates