online classes

We are currently running all of our classes online, and will do so until it is safe to re-open

This includes yoga, Pilates, qigong, dance, meditation and more. We are also offering FREE guided relaxation / meditation sessions which is our gift to the community – local and global. We’ve put together a collection of your most popular questions since we started our online classes and answered them as best we can. You’ll also find detailed instructions on how to book and our waiver.

The thing I love most about BNHC is... online classes

Your online class questions, answered:

We aim to ensure our classes are inclusive and have plenty that are suitable for beginners, but please ensure you have read the below for signing up.

bnhc online/recorded class waiver:

  • instructions and information given in classes related to movement, physical exercise or general health are intended only as guidance.
  • it is your responsibility to consult a medical practitioner prior to and regarding participation in the classes if you have any injury or health concern.
  • if you are pregnant, we do not recommend joining classes, other than pregnancy classes, which should be started only during your second trimester.
  • as with all forms of physical exercise, there is a possibility of physical injury.
  • bnhc and our individual teachers cannot be held responsible for any physical injury that occurs.
  • by following this programme/sequence you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result.

You can always email us if you’re not sure or have any questions.

Most of our classes are suitable for total beginners. We’ve had plenty of new faces (many who have never been to BNHC) since starting our online classes. It has been such a joy for our teachers to share their expertise far and wide.

You can check the class level before signing up, which is given under the class name on the timetable:
beginner-friendly: best if you’re just starting out or just want something gentle
all-levels: suitable if you have some experience, or a reasonable level of fitness already.
continuer: not suitable for beginners, these are more challenging classes. We do not recommend joining continuer level classes if you have never been to led studio classes before.

You can always email us if you’re not sure or have any questions.

You do not need to sign up to any membership to join classes. In keeping with our status as a charity, when COVID-19 caused us to move online, we wanted to focus on affordability and inclusivity. As such all classes online are offered on a ‘pay what you can’ structure. You can make a contribution to your chosen class of either £3, £6 or £9.

As well as our full length movement classes, we are also offering some free short led-relaxation sessions. This is our gift to the local (and global) community. These sessions are open to all and suitable for beginners.

You’ll need your tablet / laptop / phone to follow the class (make sure it’s plugged in or has plenty of battery). A mat is advisable for most of our online yoga and pilates classes, particularly the more dynamic/flow classes.

Some of the more gentle classes could be done on just a rug. It’s nice to have a blanket and a couple of cushions to hand in classes, which might be used under knees, or during relaxation. You could also find a hard-back book covered in a blanket serves as a yoga block. Feel free to email us if you’re not sure.

It’s up to you whether to use sound and video, it’s your privacy and your choice. Your sound and video will be muted or off when you join the class (so no-one can see or hear you). You can use the buttons on screen to switch on / ‘start’ video and ‘un-mute’ to say hello – only if you wish to. All students will be muted during class to reduce background noise, but you can ‘un-mute’ if you need to ask a question. It’s up to you whether you have video on. Most students will have the teacher full screen during class, but you may be visible to others depending on the view setting. So, choose whatever feels right for you. 

Our teachers will make verbal adjustments where possible (only if you’ve turned your video on!) but it is obviously more tricky than in the studio. As such, we urge you to be careful during classes and do not take risks, go gently and listen to your body. Please make sure you’ve read our full waiver (above) before joining any classes. 

  1. Go to our timetable – click ‘book’ on your chosen class (at least 30 mins before). You may need to book the night before for some of our early-morning classes.
  2. Download Zoom (if you haven’t already). This is the live online video platform where your class will take place. 
  3. Wait for the link to join your class.

For ‘Fitgrid’ online classes, if you book more than an hour before class, you will receive a link to join the class approximately one hour before the class starts. Book any later and the link will be sent a few minutes after you book. You can book classes up to 30 minutes before the start of class and will receive the link a few minutes later.
For all other online classes, you will receive the link about 10-15 minutes before the class starts.

Add and as email contacts. You can guarantee the emails go to your inbox by setting up a filter. Find out more here

If you haven’t received the email at least 10 minutes before the class starts then, check in case it has gone into your junk/spam folder. If not, please email us using our contact form or email address (phone lines are not in use). A member of our reception team will be on hand to help with any technical issues.

It’s quite simple to join our classes via zoom. You do not need to create an account to use Zoom for one of our classes, but you do need to download it.
Just click on the link we send in our email and zoom will open automatically (in an app or in your browser). Do set your screen name as your actual name so we and your teacher know all the right people are in class.
If you log in early you won’t see anyone else, just a screen with the name of the class on. You just need to wait for the teacher to start the class.
For more info on what to expect on different devices, visit Zoom’s support centre here. They have a helpful video intro. and below that you can see instructions for how it works on each different device/platform e.g Windows/Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

We hope these have answered any queries you may have. If not, please feel free to contact us. And if you feel ready to join us in class you can find our timetable here