Mysore classes offer students a space to progress with support and one to one attention from their teacher within a group setting.

The term ‘Mysore’ refers to Mysore, India which is the home of ashtanga yoga. Classes are traditionally held early-mornings and students enter and start their practice within a time-frame. Students practice at a different pace and length of time depending on experience and more advanced postures are only given when you and your teacher feel you are ready to progress. This allows students to become fully confident in the primary series of postures and progress onto the second series and beyond. 

BNHC offers the only traditional Mysore programme in Brighton. The programme is run by Sarah Miles (yoga alliance senior yoga teacher) who is currently the only woman in the UK to have run a Mysore programme for over a decade. Have a look at the different pricing options, memberships and passes available below, as well as our Mysore class timetable. Find out more and become a part of our Brighton Ashtanga community at

*** We will be reopening for Mysore sessions at BNHC from Monday 27th July.***

You must read our full Covid-19 operating policy here before booking, this outlines the precautions we are taking, but also what we ask of you. Please also read information specific to Mysore classes below.

  • mon-fri 6.15-6.30am – acate the building by 8am at the latest.
  • mon-fri 7.15-7.30am – vacate the building by 9am latest.
  • mon-fri 8-8.15am – vacate the building by 9.30am latest.
  • sat 7.45-8am only – vacate the building by 9.30am latest.

Moon days
Mysore classes are not held on the day of the full or new moon, it is traditional to take this as a rest day. 2020 dates are: August 3rd & 19th, September 2nd & 17th, October 1st & 16th, November 15th & 30th, December 14th & 30th.

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