movement for health

"Change happens through movement and movement heals."

The above quote is from Joseph Pilates, but sums up the way we think about all types of movement. We offer a variety of movement for health activities at BNHC. Each will be slightly different, but the goal is the same – to help you be more present and connected.

Our teachers aim to support each individual to find a connection between mind and body and to help you enjoy the experience of just being in your own body. You’ll probably experience improved comfort, relaxation and in some cases physical and/or emotional healing. Not all these methods are as ‘popular’ or well-known as things like yoga, but we really recommend you try something new. It could change your life!

Join us for our next movement class.

The thing I love most about BNHC is…

feldenkrais course


The Feldenkrais Method deepens our sense and understanding of how we move, think, and feel, fostering our self-development, health and well-being. Lessons are based on developmental movements relating to every-day activities. They help us to improve our flexibility, co-ordination, strength, posture and breathing. We offer either courses or weekly classes which are suitable for beginners.

scaravelli yoga: breath workshop

endless movement with Laurie

Movement classes with Laurie offer a fun, invigorating, and unique way to exercise with a focus on body-mind-breath connection. The class is based on years of immersion in movement disciplines and experience understanding how our bodies move. Elements of the exercises will look and feel familiar but will be assembled in a whole new way. Classes are offered weekly.


Seiki is a method of healing that facilitates the flow of energy through the body, clearing energy blockages and creating an awareness. Seiki classes explore spontaneous movement, breath and simple touch to encourage relaxation and release. Seiki can help us to become more awake and present, to reconnect with our bodies and ourselves giving us a feeling for life and our engagement with it.


Reduce stress, tension and release trauma with TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises). The TRE’s access a shaking reflex deep in the brain. This involuntary shaking is a natural mechanism we have in us as mammals to release stress and tension, and turn off the stress response. When our primitive survival strategies of fight/flight/freeze switch off, we become more balanced, joyful, present, and connected - our mental and physical health improves. Once this reflex is back ‘online’ you have an organic stress releasing tool for life! We offer TRE workshops two or three times a year.