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Your most frequent questions answered below.

We are now running classes online and at BNHC and some of our classes are ‘hybrid’ meaning the class takes place at BNHC but is also available via zoom. We offer a variety of yoga, Pilates, qigong, dance, meditation and more. 

  • How do I join online classes? Where is my zoom link?
  • What do I need to wear?
  • Do I need previous experience?
  • What equipment is provided? 

We’ve put together a collection of the most asked questions and answered them as best we can. You’ll also find detailed instructions on how to book and our waiver.

Your class questions, answered:

We aim to ensure our classes are inclusive and have plenty that are suitable for beginners, but please ensure you have read the below for signing up.

Remember that when you join an online class, your teacher will not be able to see you and work with you in the same way as an inperson class. So, go gentle, listen to your body and ask questions if you need help.

bnhc class waiver:

  • instructions and information given in classes related to movement, physical exercise or general health are intended only as guidance.
  • it is your responsibility to consult a medical practitioner prior to and regarding participation in the classes if you have any injury or health concern.
  • if you are pregnant, we do not recommend joining classes, other than pregnancy classes, which should be started only during your second trimester.
  • as with all forms of physical exercise, there is a possibility of physical injury.
  • bnhc and our individual teachers cannot be held responsible for any physical injury that occurs.
  • by following this programme/sequence you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result.


You can always email us if you’re not sure or have any questions.

Many of our classes are suitable for total beginners as our aim is to offer inclusive activities. We welcome new faces into class whether you join online or in person. It is a joy for our teachers to share their expertise far and wide.

You can check the class level before signing up, which is given under the class name on the timetable:
beginner-friendly: best if you’re just starting out or just want something gentle
all-levels: suitable if you have some experience, or a reasonable level of fitness already.
continuer: not suitable for beginners, these are more challenging classes. We do not recommend joining continuer level classes if you have never been to in person studio classes before.

You can always email us if you’re not sure or have any specific questions.

You do not need to sign up to any membership to join classes, however if you plan on attending twice a week or more, this is definitely the best value for money option. Our memberships are flexible and can be paused or cancelled any time. We also offer single class prices and classes packs. Courses and Workshops are priced individually. 

Details of our pricing can be found here.  Please contact us if you are eligible for a concession rate, or are struggling financially. We offer one or two weekly low-cost community classes either by donation or from £5.00. These sessions are open to all and suitable for beginners.

  • For most classes all you need is a yoga/Pilates mat (and not even that for dance/qigong etc.).
  • Some of the more gentle classes could be done on just a rug.
  • We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing.
  • Most classes are done barefoot (we also recommend this at home to avoid slips or falls).
  • You might like to have at home/bring a blanket/cosy jumper and/or a cushion for under knees, or during relaxation.
  • Some classes recommend additional props e.g yoga blocks (substitute a large book)/blankets or similar and this info. will be provided in the class description and booking confirmation.


At the studio: Make sure to read our covid-19 safety policy before visiting.

  • You will need to bring your own mat for yoga/Pilates classes.
  • Wear a mask in communal spaces (unless exempt).
  • Come dressed for class.


For online classes:

  • You’ll need your tablet / laptop / phone to follow the class.(make sure it’s plugged in or has plenty of battery).
  • Make sure to download zoom which is the platform e use to run our online classes.


Feel free to email us if you’re not sure.

It’s up to you whether to use sound and video, it’s your privacy and your choice. Your sound and video will be muted or off when you join the class (so no-one can see or hear you). You can use the buttons on screen to switch on / ‘start’ video and ‘un-mute’ to say hello – only if you wish to. All students will be muted during class to reduce background noise, but you can ‘un-mute’ if you need to ask a question. It’s up to you whether you have video on. Most students will have the teacher full screen during class, but you may be visible to others depending on the view setting. So, choose whatever feels right for you. 

Our teachers will make verbal adjustments where possible.

Teachers can only do this for online classes obviously but due to distancing, this is also the case for in person classes.

For online classes, this is more tricky than in the studio. As such, we urge you to be careful during classes and do not take risks, go gently and listen to your body. Please make sure you’ve read our full waiver (above) before joining any classes. 

  1. Go to our timetable – click ‘book’ on your chosen class (try to book at least 15 mins before the start time for online classes to allow enough time to receive the necessary info to join). 
  2. Make sure you check whether you are booking a ‘studio’ or ‘online’ class. If you book the wrong one, you may not be able to access the class.
  3. For studio classes, make sure you read our covid-19 safety policy and turn up on time as your teacher will be providing access and doors close when the class starts.
  4. For online classes Download Zoom.This is the live online video platform where your class will take place.
    – Add as an email contact. You can guarantee the emails go to your inbox by setting up a filter. Find out how here.
    – Wait for the link to join your class. Class links are now automated and sent by email from Fitgrid x The Brighton Natural Health Centre within one hour of the class, or a few minutes after booking if you book within one hour of the start time.

If you haven’t received the email at least 1 hour before the class is due to start or soon after booking if you book within the hour, always check in case it has gone into your junk/spam folder.

If the email is not there, please double check you have definitely booked into the class by checking under ‘My Schedule’ in your MindBody account. You can try emailing us using our contact form or email address. However, due to changes to operations and staffed reception hours we are no longer always available able to troubleshoot technical issues for online classes. We will however get back to you as soon as possible, and if you are unable to join a class due to a ‘missing link’ or technical issue, we will rebook you into another class. 

Oops, you have booked a studio class and wanted to join online or vice versa.

If you notice this well before your class ie the day before or morning before, try emailing us. If we see the email in time, we will move your booking across to the correct class.

If you notice last minute or your class is on out of hours eg evening/weekend, we may not see your email.

In this case, we suggest you book the class you want to join as well to make sure you can join. Email us, and as soon as we get the email, we will either refund you for the duplicate booking, or can rebook you to a future class if you are planing on coming again soon.

Please do read our booking terms & conditions regarding any other queries regarding cancellations etc.

It’s quite simple to join our classes via zoom. You do not need to create an account to use Zoom for one of our classes, but you do need to download it.
Just click on the link we send in our email and zoom will open automatically (in an app or in your browser). Do set your screen name as your actual name so we and your teacher know all the right people are in class.
If you log in early you won’t see anyone else, just a screen with the name of the class on. You just need to wait for the teacher to start the class.
For more info on what to expect on different devices, visit Zoom’s support centre here. They have a helpful video intro. and below that you can see instructions for how it works on each different device/platform e.g Windows/Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

We hope these have answered any queries you may have. If not, please feel free to contact us. And if you feel ready to join us in class you can find our timetable here

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