As a registered charity, our vital community work depends on your donations.

Brighton Natural Health Centre was set up in 1981 by the founders of Infinity Foods and was one of the first centres of its kind in Brighton. Here at the Centre, our focus is not just on getting physically fit, we believe in the benefits of all round health for body, mind and planet.

We are a charity so any profits made at the Centre are channelled right back into our community and charitable work. We are inclusive and welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our aim is to remove barriers and make our work accessible to all. You can help us make this happen.

Our regular class fees help fund our operational costs and contribute to the running of our charitable programme.  This includes low-cost community classes, free outreach classes including yoga for female refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and trauma-informed yoga classes for those who identify as women in Brighton and Hove.

We are committed to expanding our charitable programme to vulnerable groups in the city and thereby help reduce health inequalities locally, in line with our mission. We will seek funding to do this but we need your donations to do even more. We want to help older people who are isolated and lonely, younger people who may be experiencing mental health problems and people in society with complex and additional needs. 

A plethora of research shows that yoga, Tai chi, pilates and other movement practices improve psychological wellbeing and cognitive functioning, can reduce depression and have a preventative and rehabilitative impact on a range of physical conditions. Our belief in the benefits of these practices – based on evidence, as well as what we see day to day in the Centre – drives our ambition to offer these opportunities to everyone.

Our outreach programme

Since 2014 we have run a free weekly class for female migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The impact on those attending classes has been really positive:

“Yoga makes me aware of this body and makes me come into my body and I notice my knees not hurting, or maybe hurting more, my stomach, or I’ve maybe put on weight or something. It just makes me very aware of my body which I normally just ignore”
“Yes, since I’m coming here just a couple of weeks ago I correct my posture so even if I’m going somewhere else I just go OK, shoulders back (laughs), nice and tall (laughs) and I feel myself much better. So definitely I feel every day the positive impact of yoga class. Because if I’m not here, I’m waiting to be coming here and as I’m a mum, this is the only activity that I’m doing for my health and for my body and it’s just fantastic. So, I love being here and I feel gratitude every time that I’m here…”
 “It’s made me feel a little better because I’ve been in a very severe depression myself. I have had a very bad back pain and this helped me to come and forget about the depression and my back and to meet the other people as well.”

Since 2019 we have run a free weekly trauma informed yoga classes for all self-identifying women in Brighton and Hove.

The impact on students has been clearly beneficial:

“a truly beautiful class, really safe, inclusive and accessible”

“a brilliant and lovely class. Totally beneficial for your wellbeing. I have noticed a real improvement in my mental health through practicing this at the weekly class”

“Beautiful, nourishing, gentle, accessible and safe yoga class. Very knowledgeable teacher”

“The yoga class has been very useful to my mental health recovery. It has given me routine, exercise and a greater sense of calm.”

“Very relaxing and restorative class, taught in an excellent manner that is calm and with humor”

“Really well facilitated, considerate, kind, thoughtful, helpful suggestions and practices, felt very accepting and helped me to feel more accepting of myself, great for my complex ptsd”

Our community programme

We have a programme of weekly low-cost community classes:

  • LGBTQIA+ yoga – Tuesday 4-5pm
  • Qi Gong – Thursday – 4-5pm 
  • Gentle yoga – Friday 2.30-3.30pm

All classes cost just £5

Our previous outreach and community projects

Yoga for Team Domenica, supporting young adults with learning difficulties.

Yoga for mental health for service users at the Lighthouse Centre, in partnership with Sussex Oakleaf.

Tai Chi for homeless people at First Base in Brighton & Hove.

Relaxation yoga classes for service users at Brighton Women’s Centre.

But we want to do more and we need your help to expand this programme. There are many ways you can help us make this happen.

Attend our classes and workshops

When you attend BNHC activities, the fee you pay for your class, membership or workshop supports your local community enabling us to deliver our charitable aims and provide more work for people at the centre. 

Please take a look at our timetable and find a class that suits you.

Buy a class card or gift card

Due to COVID-19 the centre is facing significant financial challenges. Please help us make sure we can continue to serve our community for the next 40 years by buying a class card.

You can use these yourself or you can give one to someone you think would enjoy it.

You can buy class passes below.

Support our fundraising

By making a donation to BNHC you can support us as a charity to continue our work. The funds raised mean we can continue to offer low-cost classes for those with financial barriers, free yoga classes for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and a trauma-informed yoga class for women.


Recommend us

A recommendation to a friend or family member, actively connecting with us on social media, or leaving us a review on Google is hugely valuable to us and free for you to do. 


If you are able to give a little more time to supporting our activities and operations, get in touch to discuss volunteering opportunities at the centre – we would love to hear from you.