ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga synchronises movement and breath to find inner calm.

A traditional practice, ashtanga yoga is characterised by a series of postures made in the same order in every class. It is an athletic type of yoga and you will usually work up a sweat in class. Every class starts with sun salutations followed by standing poses, then seated poses. The poses are linked together by transitional flowing movements called the vinyasa. Every class finishes with a final relaxation, know as savasana

The traditional approach to learning astanga is to jump straight in with a short daily practice & build up your stamina. At BNHC we have a comprehensive programme to support all your needs.

Because you do the same poses every week, it is easy to pick up ashtanga yoga and even practise at home. You will soon notice yourself progress, build core strength and become more flexible. If you choose to join our Mysore programme, there is plenty of room to continue learning and improving. Ashtanga yoga classes are equally popular among men and women, they give you a full body workout and are a great complement to strength training and other sports.

If you’re new to yoga, or if you’ve enjoyed joining our all-levels class and would like to know more, there’s the option of a beginners course. When you are more confident, you can go on to practise the full primary series in a 90 minute class. Or, you may start a traditional Mysore self-practice which will soon become a part of your well-being lifestyle.
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beginner course

Our beginner course breaks down the postures in detail and offer students an understanding in the foundations of the practice. These are great for anyone who is new to yoga or for those with some experience who wants to build a foundation in the ashtanga style. You will join a small group of the same people each week and have plenty of one to one support from the teacher.

ashtanga led classes

Our led ashtanga classes follow a fixed sequence of postures called the primary series. The teacher leads the class.
We offer a Monday half-primary class (all levels) suitable for beginners, but dynamic so a reasonable level of fitness is required. Full primary classes are continuer level). You do need experience to join continuer classes.

intro. to self-practice course

This course gives students the confidence and knowledge to develop a sustainable self-practice within the traditional Mysore style. The teacher guides and supports on a one-to-one basis within the group setting.

mysore sessions

Early-morning Mysore sessions are offered daily Monday - Saturday. Students practice the postures at their own level of ability and at their own pace. The teacher does not lead the class but assists each student individually, giving physical or verbal adjustments/cues.
The last Saturday class of every month is a led full primary class, open to all.

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